Problem Statement
The administrative profession is seen as less important than other professions. It is called the “vital, yet overlooked, profession.” Most companies do not provide adequate resources or career-specific training, nor do they plan for succession of support for their top executives. Most administrative professionals do not know how to plan their career or manage their
development. They struggle with emerging technologies and insatiable time demands. They have less awareness of advancing trends, and little depth and breadth knowledge of their company’s business and strategy. They lack decision making confidence. In short, they are looking for dynamic, gifted leadership.

Previous Options
Across the board, there is a general lack of investment in administrative professionals (even by administrative professionals themselves). Various entities and associations have hardly scratched the surface to provide in-depth, behavior-changing curricula. “One size does NOT fit all” to train and develop support staff so they may become the valuable assets to corporate success known as administrative professionals.

Praxis Solution
Office Dynamics International offers broad, visionary solutions for administrative professionals to grow and advance their behaviors, attitudes and skills to more aptly deliver results and meet the continual increase of business demands. Since 1990, Office Dynamics International has been recognized as the industry leader to train all levels of administrative
professionals and to provide guidance to Executives and C-Suite Leaders on maximizing the time and talents of their executive assistants.