“I highly recommend Rich if you or your organization want to increase your strategic capability. Rich takes the complex topic of strategy and provides a straightforward framework and practical resources to advance strategic thinking. Rich presented at the Intel Leadership Conference and the participants were able to take his Strategic Thinking framework and immediately apply to real Supply Chain business challenges. He was clearly the favorite at our conference.”
Kristin Porter, People Talent, Intel

“Rich is one of the top global thought leaders on strategy. His interactive Deep Dive Strategic Thinking Program helped our leadership team not only develop their strategic thinking skills, but also their strategic action/execution skills. His approach was tailored to our specific current business issues and his delivery was practical and easy to grasp.”
Carl Willis, VP, Human Resources, ATK

“Rich's Deep Dive Strategic Thinking program was perfect for our needs to provide professional development on strategy. He went above and beyond to tailor his Strategic Thinking workshop to fit our business challenges. He weaved relevant tools and examples into the content and his delivery was enthusiastic and engaging. His Deep Dive Strategic Thinking framework is definitely a credible and logical way to think strategically and solve problems. We asked for a highly relevant and interactive session – and he delivered.”     Chris Bevel, Customer Experience Marketing Advisor, FedEx